Smart City provides a geolocation marking system to map and systematize urban problems. The app is used in more than 60 countries, with 700 Brazilian cities registered and more than 6000 registered urban problems, available for download at Apple Store and Google Play in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The input is accomplished through crowdsourcing strategies.

What is it?

Smart City and its functions can be adapted to different needs and clients. Considering the data built by users’ inputs, the app allows municipalities and other public companies to create a huge database of problems that must be solved. Based on the data gathered, it is possible to generate reports to plan corrective action, and develop different statistical analysis about the types of problems. The app can also propose the best routes to the client to visit or solve the problems considering the logistical issues.


The target market includes public agencies, public service providers, municipalities and state governments.
The commercial strategy is built upon a license based model (Saas), considering number of potential final users and special customized reports required by clients. The company does not have revenues up to this moment.


The system can be show any reports. Below any examples:

Top 10 problems


Top 10 Neighborhoods


The Map with Problems